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Do you have a fear of flying? From tension and discomfort to full blown panic attacks? Have you considered hypnosis and NLP for fixing this quickly? You should!

Travel connects people, family, friends, provides adventures, new experiences, FUN!  The world is your oyster.  Stop limiting yourself!!  Skilled hypnosis will unleash the power of your own mind to banish fear of flying forever!

Connie Brannan, CHt.
Connie Brannan, CHt.

Say “Goodbye!” to fear of flying.  Call me, I’m Connie Brannan, CHt. & Licensed Trainer of NLP ® for a free private in-office consultation today:   (425) 564-8608    or email:  Contact us

A phobia might not seem “simple” to you, but these tools of hypnosis and NLP are amazingly powerful, and most phobias are removed in a single Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapy session. It doesn’t matter it is a pattern that’s been running, running, running (maybe for decades) in you, patterns can be unlearned and new patterns installed. Quicker than you think. Hypnosis rocks! When you’re fed up with being afraid of airplanes and travel and flying, call me. Let’s DO something about it!

Do you want to know why I’m so confident about this? I’ve lived this success, as well as helping a myriad of others to release fear. Read my story of how I let go of a crippling decades-long fear of spiders. Permanently.

I’ve been having a slew of fear of flying clients lately. It’s the holidays, and that’s travel season. Family is waiting for you! I love helping people with this issue. Love it. Are any of you out there ready to change your life? You can, you know.

Read the testimonials on the right column here to see how others just like you have changed their lives and banished their fears with Mindworks Hypnosis. It’s not magic, and it’s not voo doo and it’s also not horrifically difficult–it’s simply you doing what you want. Do you want to stop being afraid? What else? Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to change habits, like stop smoking? I can help. My tools can help. Those tools are hypnosis and NLP Neuro-Linguistic Programming ™. Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a specialized set of change tools that’s been called a “high tech conversational hypnosis” and also “hypnosis on steroids.” It works! And fast.

If you want serious, passionate, compassionate (I’ve been there, believe it!), dedicated, KNOWLEDGEABLE, successful help with fear, I’m your hypnotist. I know how it is to be tormented by fear. That tightness in the gut. That adrenalin of ESCAPE! I know all about it. A lifetime of knowing. Until I learned something else. Not fear. I can teach you not fear of flying. Come learn with me!

Wishing you health and success, Connie Brannan

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Hypnosis is a power beyond thought. Hear and watch Connie talk in the brief video below about how hypnosis helps change fear to calm.

More truth about hypnosis:


Fear is very real, and very debilitating. It can and does limit your life. It can take many forms, from a fear of public speaking, to a fear of spiders or snakes, to a fear of flying, to a fear of heights, to a fear of open spaces, to a fear of elevators, to a fear of needles, and so on. Fear is meant to serve a positive purpose in our lives, it’s to protect us–but when it becomes out of proportion to the true “danger” involved, it needs to be changed.

I’m a former spider-phobic. Finding a tiny garden spider in the bathtub is not a reasonable reason to have a strong physical reaction of anxiety, alarm, recoiling, jumping, screaming, and adrenalin pumping through one’s body. I know. I suffered that for most of my life. I couldn’t look at a picture of a spider. I couldn’t go near a spider, I’d call someone to come over and “rescue” me. Not any more. Now, through the same techniques I can use to help you, I see a spider, I simply look at it–CALMLY–and think: “It’s a spider.” And I get out the bug spray can or remove it.

We have a pattern, a strategy in our brains that is telling us that this wild fear is how to respond. With hypnosis and NLP techniques (Neuro-Linguistic Programming, which is the study of human excellence), we discover that mental pattern, and interrupt that pattern. Give the mind more choices, an enlarged response repertoire, one that includes calmness and a reasonable assessment of the situation.

These techniques are amazingly powerful and quick. Something that has bothered and limited you perhaps your entire life can be “fixed” in a matter of hours. Or even minutes. Your mind learns a new way to react, a more resourceful way. The joy you’ll feel from freeing yourself from your phobias is indescribable. Now you’ll be able to go and do without hindrance. You can hop that plane, and go visit the family. You can go on that camping trip. You can give that talk at work, confidently and comfortably. Your child can go to the doctor and get her booster shots without hysterics. And so on. There’s no reason to live a limited life.

Call me now for a free private in-office consultation to discuss the changes you’d like in your life.

Connie Brannan, CHt. & Licensed Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming ™
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Note: The word phobia is not being used in any medical sense on these pages. It is being used in a conversational sense to describe irrational fears which have not been medically diagnosed. Irrational fears transform amazingly well with hypnosis and NLP. Hypnosis is never a replacement for your professional medical care.

Connie Brannan, CHt. is the Pacific Northwest’s premiere hypnotherapist, with unrivaled client success stories, and also a Licensed Trainer of NLP ™ (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). Her blend of talents, trainings and transformations is unique in the Seattle area and beyond. Connie is also a Reiki Master Teacher, a Professional Conversational Hypnotherapist, a practitioner of Level I & II Matrix Energetics, a Design Human Engineer ™, a Persuasion Engineer ™, with specialized trainings of many varieties, including helping stroke survivors re-wire their brains, courses in pain management, timeline work, dream-sculpting, and even stage hypnosis. Read more about her credentials and ongoing commitment to continuing her skill set and education here:

Hypnosis works to stop fear!

Here’s a recent “blog” entry of mine that touches on a process for eliminating phobias:

Put a New Frame on it!

Frame Clip ArtA problem is simply a frame of mind, a way of looking at things. If it’s not a problem to YOU, it’s not a problem. Think about flying on an airplane. After all the hustle/bustle of travel arrangements, packing, airports, and etc. when I get on a plane, I settle into the seat and go: “ahhhhhhhhh.” Now it’s time to relax. No worries. All I have to do is sit here and enjoy myself.

Perhaps for someone else sitting down a few rows, it’s churning turmoil inside, it’s white-knuckle time. It’s visions of disaster. It doesn’t have to be. You can change your mind. And experience life differently. Yes, about flying, and pretty much about ANYTHING! That’s what hypnosis can do! It’s called “reframing.”

Perhaps you’re skeptical about those statements. Here’s a few recent examples of reframing from my life, for further illustration.

I got caught up in the shopping frenzy last week. My husband and I were at the mall, and I found a shirt I loved. The color in particular was appealing to me. Hypnotists have an “inside joke” about the color purple being hypnotic, because one of the most famous and successful hypnotists in the world, Milton Erickson, was fond of wearing bright purple jumpsuits. Color analysis books describe purple as the dreamer color.

I found a purple shirt. Not just any old purple, this was a rich, deep royal purple, a magically hypnotic jewel-tone purple. I was excited to find it, and on sale! 🙂 As I was checking out at the department store, the clerk commented on the “grape” shirt. Grape? Yikes. I almost put it back. I don’t want a grape shirt, as that sounds utterly unappealing. Purple, yes. Grape, forget about it! One word flipped my state of mind about the shirt, and not in a good way. She reframed my shirt (negatively) and almost lost the sale. This is something we teach in our NLP for Sales courses, how to reframe in a way that sells, not creates aversion.

Here’s another example of reframing. This is a sign.


Perhaps you’re familiar with it. It indicates a pedestrian crosswalk. It’s a stylized guy crossing the street. You can see that.

Here is a sign I saw today in a parking garage.


They’ve shifted the sign slightly, and the meaning massively. What it thinks it’s saying is “pedestrian crossing,” but what I see is a pedestrian falling, and flying through the air, obviously after being struck by a moving vehicle. Yikes, again! A different angle on the picture, and the whole meaning changes. That’s reframing.

Here’s a classic example of reframing. Imagine a roaring fire in a fireplace. That elicits positive feelings, right? Cozy, nice, warm. Now, expand the picture’s parameter, and you see the house is on fire as well. Oh, no, run for your lives! Negative feelings. Now expand the picture further and you see it’s all a movie set and they’re only filming a controlled reproduction of a house fire. Positive feelings, again. A shift of frame changes everything.

What makes this “reframing” process cool of course is changing things that are problems in your life to non-problems. Like the fear of flying. What if your experience of planes and flight became a frame of relaxation, like lounging on a tropical beach or sitting in your easy chair at home? Hypnosis can do that.

Big secret: How we feel and how we respond to things and the thoughts/frames we create around them: it’s all moveable furniture. Within our control. If you want to rearrange your mental furniture in a way that creates more beauty and ease and success in your life, I can help. That is my gig. My passion. My joy. Come see me and we’ll reframe those problems out of existence.

Warm Regards,

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The proof is in the pudding! Here are some happy Seattle area client success stories:

Fear of Flying is No More!

“Dear Connie, my flight to Chicago and back was literally the best flight of my life! I cannot thank you enough for the magic you’ve done! I feel so liberated and free! I cannot wait to fly again!”

–Kristen Halley, Greater Seattle Area

“I am a believer now. Eight flights later and my anxiety level is pretty close to normal…The first flight after, as you probably imagine, I was a little skeptical that what we did (in one session) would change anything, but I have to say that it was probably the most pleasant flight I have had in years.”

–Paul, Issaquah, WA

“Hi Connie, my husband and I flew from Seattle to Chicago, Chicago to Quebec, and Boston to Seattle – all within 2 weeks. I found that I felt much less stressed so that when we did board the plane I was able to just sit back, relax and enjoy the flight…. All the flights had turbulence and one flight was diverted due to bad weather in the Midwest and I handled the news without any fear or anxiety. Am actually looking forward to flying again soon. Thanks so much!”

– Susan, Greater Seattle Area

“Just a brief note to thank you for what you’ve done for me. I’m feeling so confident, may just have to take a trip before January because I don’t think I have the patience to wait to try out the new me.”

–Donna, Seattle, WA.

“I’ve had a pretty good week and very, very little tightness in my chest which is a marked improvement from before…You seem to have turned off the ‘trapped’ feeling I used to have, so that’s a BIG improvement from before seeing you…May have some referrals for you.”

Your adoring fan,
James” Seattle, WA.

Help with other travel “phobias”:

“I have been able to drive without a panic attack. I drove with my husband on local freeways. I was also able to help him drive from Bellevue to Arizona, which was a dream of mine, and he was so happy and grateful to have a break from driving! You really changed my life, and “thank you” does not seem enough to say. It was truly wonderful meeting you. I have bragged about you – in the best possible way – to some people here in the neighborhood – so much so, that you may get new clients who fly to Bellevue to meet with you! …You are an awesome Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapist…thank you for helping me.”

–Joy Epstein, Sun City, Arizona

“My life has done a complete turnaround since my time with you. …I have not had a single (panic) attack since then. Driving is fun for me now and very relaxing. Thanks Connie, you changed my life completely for the better.”

–JW, Seattle WA

Seven Flights Later, A Success Report…

“I really enjoy flying now and the freedom that is bringing me.

I have been very successful since having hypnosis/NLP sessions with you. In fact, in the past year, I have flown 7 times and am about to take my 8th flight! I even took a trip to Atlanta and back by myself. The work I did with you helped tremendously.

Prior to working with you, I had tried several different methods for controlling my fear of flying but none of them seemed to work. They all seemed like “tricks” or “Band-Aids” and didn’t truly help me to think differently about flying.

During my sessions with you, we went through all of the feelings I wanted to feel on a plane, such as happiness, calm, safety, etc. Through our sessions you helped to plant those thoughts into my subconscious and, for the first time, it worked! On my first flight and each subsequent one those “good” feelings now fill my head and the negative ones have been pushed out. I really wanted to thank you for all of your help. I feel so much more free now! P.S. We are off to Vegas, my third time this year. 🙂

– Chris Gibson, Seattle.

“Hi Connie! You asked about positive changes. I did fine with no pre-flying anticipation or fear…I was calm and looking forward to the trip. The only time I felt an iota of nerves was finding out one of our connections was on a small commuter plane but once I found out there was a bathroom on the plane I was fine. I was much more concerned about my weak bladder than flying in a 24 seat plane!!! Thanks again for your help!”

–Susan Wiseman, Seattle Metro area

What are you afraid of? Let the amazing power of your own mind in collaboration with Connie & Michael Brannan and Mindworks Hypnosis shift that fear into something more useful and pleasant. We can help!!

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